Friday, October 7, 2011

A Week of Reflection

I have spent most of this week reflecting on how blessed I am to be a part of the communities I call family.

The adoptive community is amazing.  They challenge me weekly to think outside of my desire to be comfortable and view the world from God's perspective.

My church community is one of the most supportive I have ever been a part of.  They love and embrace my husbands leadership and support our family in numerous ways.

My neighborhood is filled with families at the same stage of life as us and they are a super safe and fun place to just hang out and enjoy family.

Finally my kids are part of an awesome school and I appreciate that more with Sam there this year as a Kindergartener.

This week they invited the Kindergarten parents to join P.E. .  It was loads of fun balancing bean bags on our various body parts.

Sam takes in every ounce of life and I know so much more about his school now that I have been allowed to view it through his eyes and stories.

We are blessed to have our kids in such a great educational community and for all of the other communities we get to be a part of as well.

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Rachel said...

Love the pictures! I was so bummed that I couldn't go. I had electronic medical records training. The ONE day they have available for me to do it...oh well...I hope Lindsay was taking pictures....Sam looks so cute!! He cracks me up because he always has this look on this face like he is thinking about what he is going to do next (mischevious) Of course...this reminds me that Sam and Luke are not together anymore....BOO!