Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Snapshot- Still Little

It happens every year about this time.  We start wrapping up another season of activities, I start making videos of pictures from their year, and then I grieve over how quickly they are growing up.  As I was cycling through this emotional routine this week, I was reminded several times that they are still very little.

Here's how...

They find joy in things like jumping over a pole with a bucket of water on their head.

...or spinning until they feel sick.

They can destroy a perfectly clean playroom in minutes

... and still sleep with all of their stuffed animals.  ALL of them.

They make faces on stage at preschool graduation

...and ask to wear their fireman rain boots on a perfectly sunny day.

Finally, when asked at preschool graduation what they want to be when they grow up,

they answer, "A Red Angry Bird".

They are still little but I still think they are growing way too fast.

Ni Hao Yall


Beautiful Mornings Photography said...

Love the pics... your girly in her grad cap and gown though... FAVE <3 :)

Sr. Maria Eleanor said...

Thanks for sharing, Ginny!
I love the pictures of your growing kids! :-)
God bless you!

Sr. Maria Eleanor

Jenn said...

Precious babies! They DO grow too fast!! Reading posts like this always make me weep!

Hugs to you sweet friend!


Kim S said...

Ahhhhh... so sweet. Flash forward a few years and you'll be where I am: one married off and another heading to college. Yes, it goes too fast.

Savor each day. Make good memories.