Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012- A Re-written Motion Picture

Sometimes I feel like the major events of our days as a family are all re-written motion pictures.  Basically, I get a picture in my head of how something is going to go and either my family or our circumstances re-write it for me into something even more memorable.  Not always better, but always memorable.

My motion picture had us dressed up as a family as the characters from Despicable Me with Trent as Gru and the rest of us as Minions.  I pitched that to the kids and they ALL vetoed it.  Jack didn't want to dress up.  Sam wanted to wear his Ninja costume from last year (score 2 points for getting my money's worth out of that one), and Ruthie wanted to be a Dalmatian (bonus point for knowing a friend with such a costume).

Sam ended up coming down with a virus last Sunday and ran 103 degree fevers until yesterday! So it was a good thing his Ninja costume had a mask.  We sat him in a chair behind his dad who was handing out candy at the trunk or treat.   He was super bummed he didn't get to participate.

Jack found his place right where I would expect him to- in the sound area.

And well Ruthie took it all in.  She mastered the mechanical bull right after my stepmother showed her how it was done.  I would post that picture but I might lose my invitation to Thanksgiving if it got out. :)

Fevers, dalmatians, and mechanical bulls were not part of my original script for the evening but certainly added to drama of the Halloween motion picture.

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