Thursday, March 28, 2013

What If...

I have been thinking today about something.

I wonder what the world and our lives would look like if we all consistently prayed the prayer, "Lord break my heart for what breaks yours."

Would we spend less time and less energy pursuing our own comfort?

Would we pray more?

Would we complain less and act more?

Would we respond to stories on the news with responsive action instead of just entertainment?

Would our homes be full of children who weren't born to us?

Would we spend our money or our time differently?

There was a story on the news this morning about a 10 month old who died from burns inflicted on him by his parents.  If we prayed the prayer, "break our heart for what breaks yours", would we respond to stories like this with more than just a head shake?

Oh Lord please break my heart for what breaks yours!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny, I was reading your blog last night which I do from time to time for a little pick me up and inspiration. Which by the way I strongly encourage you to write a book when the time is right. Anyway, last night I was reading and imagining God's work in your life and how he is working in ours. I then read this post. I find it so exciting when I see or hear God working in my life and sometimes I probably miss a lot of what he is saying. So when I realized God answered the exact prayer that you prayed on that day it brought tears to my eyes and strengthened my faith. The link between the news story and the fact that your foster child has survived this very trauma sounds like God shouting, "I am HERE!!" Thank you so much for sharing your discipleship. I will keep your Maggie in my prayers.
In Christ,
Daniele Higgins Gudgen