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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hotel Heaven

I am in hotel heaven right now.  After spending a week in a less than stellar place, we have moved onto Xian and arrived at my version of the Ritz.  The place we stayed in Baoji was very old, reeked of cigarette smoke, only served Chinese food at breakfast, charged 19 cents a minute for Wifi, and only ran the air conditioning between 5:30 pm and 1:00 am.  Our guide said that was the nicest place they could find because Baoji was a small city in China of only 3 million.  Okay.

So yes, after a day of touring the Terra Cotta warrior factory and museum, we just arrived to heaven.  It's the little things like A/C that make all the difference. :)  *Pics Below*

The Terra Cotta warriors were pretty cool.  I recommend going at a time other than the summer because it was a bit hot, but still amazing.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves and you should google the story behind them.   We ate lunch there on the museum property and found it odd that the restaurant was full of white people and no Chinese.  Don't ask because I have no idea. 

Tonight we are going to the Muslim market so I can spend all of my husband's money.  Don't worry babe, I will get you something cute. :)

I still have 300 little faces in my head and our team has already been discussing when we might return.  Yes it was that powerful.  I think I am going to pull for a nicer hotel next time though or maybe a daily 3 hour commute from this one.

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