Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Ladies at my Church are AMAZING!

Several weeks ago Trent and I were talking about ways we could serve the community.  Somewhere in that conversation we came up with the idea to make end of the year boxes for the lower income kids at our church neighborhood elementary.   I pictured something like the operation Christmas child boxes with a snack, some undies, and maybe a book to read.

Well, he presented the idea to the church and the ladies took it and ran with it.

They collected donations from the church family and didn't stuff shoe boxes but duffle bags instead!

Each kid will get bags of toiletries, socks, undies, and enough snacks to last the summer.

One incredible University also donated some balls for each bag.

These kids are going to be so blessed and it is all because of the work of some incredible women I get to share life with every week.

I LOVE when the church steps up and acts like the church. 

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