Thursday, September 18, 2014

An Overdue Update

I bump into people all the time who ask me how Maggie is doing and so it occurred to me yesterday that I should probably post an update. :) 

We have been home for 3 weeks and honestly every day is better than the one before.  One great day was last Friday when Maggie got her IV out.  Not only did this make life a lot easier but it was also a big piece of the closure puzzle that I really needed.  She is still on blood thinners and seizure meds, but those are much more manageable.

I took these pictures the week she came home because I had purchased these dresses for the girls to have their pictures taken in July (for Maggie's birthday and Ruthie's gotcha day) and obviously never got to that.  I knew my window was closing on using them, so we headed over to my neighbors house and took advantage of her amazing backyard. Thanks Bernie. :)

Now back to Maggie.  She is getting weekly PT, OT, Speech, and vision therapy.  It is a lot but they come to us and that really helps.  Her personality has completely returned which we are so thankful for.  She is as funny and expressive as ever.  This morning she was singing at 6:00 am in the kitchen and woke up the entire house.

She is pulling up and letting go but not taking steps on her own again yet.  Her left arm is about 70% to where it used to be.  She can open her hand and use it when forced to.   While she has more words now, they are still a bit slurred but that is improving too.  Her vision is hard to assess but it appears that she neglects things right below her nose.  We see this with food and crayons.  She looks out for things but not straight down.

That about wraps it up.  Thank you for praying.  We are blessed.


The Richerts said...

So thankful for Maggie's healing and recovery!! Thanks for posting.

Debbie Dittrich said...

So thankful!!!!

Jan ONeil said...

She is perfect.