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Monday, August 31, 2015

Praying For Maggie

I have some amazing, God fearing, encouraging, selfless friends.  They bless me far more than I am able to bless them in return.  One in particular sent me the most touching prayer that I have ever read for Maggie.  I shared it with Trent and we were both moved to tears.  I want to share it with you in case you are praying for my girl as we count down the last few days before her procedure.

 If you are praying for Maggie this week, you can pray this way:

"I have decided to pray, starting on the 1st, for a decade of Maggie's life per day. That will cover 90 years. That's what I'm going to be asking;). 9 decades.

I will pray the first decade that she will meet Him and know how adored she is.

On the 2nd I will pray that in her teenage years she will be the ONE kid who thinks that this teenager thing is easier than being a kid. That she will have time to reflect on the challenges of her first decade and root herself in His provision over her life.

The 3rd my prayer will be that she find love in so many ways that it is impossible for her to ever remember the scars of being orphaned and the loneliness that was. That His love be so overwhelming and that she know the love of many people, perhaps even the one she will spend the rest of her life with.

The 4th will bring prayers for her 30s (4th decade) and I will pray that her life be a blessing to all she interacts with. That they will see and know how big her God is and he miracles he performed in her life.

On the 5th I will pray that her children (God willing) and those she is ministering to will be open to and soaking up all the wisdom she will have to share. That her reach because of Him will have no boundaries.

On the 6th I will be praying for a sweet time of reflection over the life she has led so far. That Miss Maggie, in her 50s, will be able to have seen and been a part of so many miracles that the amazing miracles granted in her youth are just a small part of her story.

On the 7th I will pray for comfort as Maggie grows in her ministry and age. That she be reminded of the spirit of power that has been granted her and instead of slowing down, she will just be getting started.

The 8th will bring prayers for a fearless Maggie who is now in her 70s. That her grandchildren, children, and spiritual children will all rise up and call her blessed and that she will get the privilege of seeing that and knowing she did His work and they will continue it long after she is gone.

The 9th. The day. I will cover Maggie in prayer. For safety. For 9 decades of life. But on the 9th I will also be praying for her homecoming. We all want for her to be an old lady when she enters heaven, and I will pray on that day for the moment she sees the eyes of Jesus and hears "well done".

I am asking for each decade of her life I pray over to be 10 years. A decade as we know it. If it is or is not, my prayers are the same. If she enters heaven early and this decades were not even a year each or if she goes home as a 90 year old woman, I want you to know I'm covering each interval of her life in prayer.

Love you so. Praying peace peace peace for you, Trent, and the other wild ones;)


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

God has great things in store for this little one! He is writting her story!

Gwen Brehm said...

WOW! So powerful! We will pray with this person and acknowledge God's will whatever that is.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wise and beautiful prayer! Joining in praying for your precious little one!

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