Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Ni Hao Yall

Sometimes living in the Houston area, I feel like a small town girl trapped in a big city.

I try to make it feel smaller by keeping my world small and existing primarily between 4 interstate exits

In the process of trying to make Houston small, I missed a really cool nearby town called Alvin.

I have a coworker from Alvin and I had heard rumors there was a strawberry farm there where your kids could pick strawberries and pay for them by the bucket load.

So we headed out there last week and 3 buckets and a whole lot of fun later, we had 15 lbs of strawberries to bring home.

It was worth the $30 in strawberries to get out of the smog and enjoy the country life for a few minutes again.

The kids had a blast picking strawberries and this camera totin' mama had fun with all the colors and rows.

They are ready to go back.

But first, I still have to figure out what to do with the freezer full of strawberries I already have.


Nancy said...

Oh, I'm a small town girl stuck in the city too! How I yearn for small town life again.
Gorgeous images!
nancy-of the crazy 8

The Stiffs said...

I miss picking strawberries. Thank you. I'm going to look for a farm online now.

Melissa said...

One word for you: JAM!

Jennifer said...

How FUN!!!!
I'm thinking you have some canning in your future! :)

Cedar said...

Beautiful pictures! Strawberries are ripe already? Amazing! Fun day!

crazynobody said...

I'm with Melissa! So much so I can almost smell it ;)

beautiful pictures btw

Heather said...

Very cool pics!

Veronica Lee said...

Beautiful pics!! Looks like a fun day!

Have a blessed Sunday!

Merrill said...

I love strawberry picking. It's not quite time for that here. Gotta' get rid of the chill in the air! Can't wait, though. Takes me back to my childhood in Florida.

groovy mama said...

Jealous of is snowing strawberries here til june!