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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Intentional Missional Saving- Ugandan Beads

When Trent and I were newlyweds, 10+ years ago, we were living in Waco and working with a college ministry there.  One of our ministry partners shared with us the way he and his family intentionally approached giving.  That story planted a seed in my heart.

Our friend set up a missions fund with his family and made his kids board members of that fund.  When an opportunity to give would come there way, they would hold a family board meeting and discuss if that was the best use of the fund.  This taught his children to plan to give and then to be prayerful and intentional about how they did that.

Fast forward 10+ years later and Trent and I now have 3 kids and the shared blessing of several mission and giving opportunities that we would love to participate in and would love to involve our children in but have been struck by the challenge of how to be financially prepared for those and how to best involve the kids.  So we are going to start our own mission fund and let our kids participate in raising money for that and in distributing that as we feel led.  My prayer is that it will teach my children to make giving a regular part of their budget and that when mission opportunities come our way that our first question will not be if we can afford it but instead if it is the best use of our mission fund.

I am kicking off the mission fund with the sell of Ugandan bead necklaces that were made by an orphanage worker in Uganda named Agnes.  They were purchased by a friend while on mission trip there and returning to Uganda with her is one of my first desires with this fund.

I grouped the necklaces by similarities and named them after children whose lives and families have inspired me.

If you would like to purchase a necklace, you can email me your order at Ginnyhenderson@hotmail.com.  I will then send you a paypal invoice.  
The necklaces are $20 each. 

This group has an abundance of blue and turquoise beads.  It is named after a sweet child who met her forever family a few months before we got Ruthie.  Karleigh Mei's mom continually challenges me to set my desire for comfort aside and ask the question of how I can live a life that makes a difference.  You can see her at : 

This grouping has more pink beads.  It is named after a precious child who came home right before Ruthie.  Her mom and I suffered through the wait together and rejoiced with each other on our gotcha days.  Lydia's family is adopting again!  You can follow along at: 

I named this set after Ruthie because it contains more reds and richer colors which are Ruthie's favorites.  

This group contains more white beads.  Do you remember Gua Gua from Bring Me Hope camp?  Well her new name will be Joy and you can follow her family's journey to bring her home at:


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