Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fear? Not these kids

One of our favorite parts of Family Camp is the ropes course.  This year sister was big enough for the harness and showed us quickly that she is FEARLESS!

(Thanks to the pine cove photographer for this first set of photos)

The Pine Cove photographer happened to be at the ropes course on the same day so she took pictures from up top while I shot from the ground.

Jack wanted to go too.  Who would have ever thought 3 months ago that this kid would be suspending his body weight from a harness in June?  I am still not so sure his surgeon would have given the thumbs up on this one, but he did great (thank heavens). 

Sam is still a master of the rock wall.

And here is my little daredevil again celebrating her achievement.

That's one proud daddy.

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