Friday, June 1, 2012

Who would have thought?

When we got Ruthie 3 years ago, she was terrified of stuffed animals.  It was really sad because someone would hand her a gift, she would open it, see a stuffed animal, and burst into tears terrified.

Now, 3 years later, her best date is a trip to Build a Bear.

I took her Wednesday and she picked out a cute little puppy.  She was so excited she was speechless.  All she could do was nod or shake her head when I asked her questions.  She stuffed him, gave him a heart, bathed him, and completed the experience with a John Deere tractor hat and a birth certificate. 

It got even cuter when we left the store and head out to lunch.  She paraded her "Patch" the puppy through the mall like he was the greatest purchase Baybrook had ever seen.

And now 3 days later, she still hasn't let him go.

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Teri said...

Oh so cute!!!