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Thursday, October 25, 2012

It Happens To Me Too (and I am A photographer)

There may be a misconception out there that the children of photographers always pose perfectly for family pictures.  I know I have wondered that when I look at the pictures of some of my favorite photographer's families.  Well, I am writing today to clear up the myth.  The picture below may be a decent one but you need to know it took A LOT of work and few failed efforts.

So last week I had a free photography day.  I was caught up on my editing and decided it was a great day to take our fall family pictures.  I came home from work at 1:00, picked out and ironed everyone's outfits, took on a last minute bunting project, completed homework, recruited shutter clicking assistance, made dinner, and had the car loaded and ready to go by 5:30.  Oh and I had the brilliant idea to bring the dog along for this one. :)

What you don't see in the above image is that my kids argued most of the afternoon, my oldest decided that while we were dressing was a good time to convert his golf cart to an emergency vehicle, my husband was receiving multiple ministry calls, and all while I was trying to race the sun and get everyone to my chosen (pre-scouted) location.

The first thing we discovered when we arrived to my "perfect" spot was that the ground was covered in sticker weeds.  Both the dog and my highly sensitive child were none to pleased with me and we had not even started.  The rest probably looked a lot like memories you have of family picture experiences.  One kid wouldn't stop acting silly, one was overstimulated by the dog, and every time I looked back in my viewfinder to see what I had just snapped, all I could see was 10 pounds more than I remembered from my last glance in the mirror.    Of course, the dog did not pose as I had hoped either.  The sun set quicker then I could do everything I had planned and the evening ended with me pondering if this type of experience was why most fathers dislike family portrait day.

I had packed a tee pee, Jenga, and pumpkin to paint and we DIDN'T GET TO ANY OF IT.  So I gave my kids 48 hours to recover, found a new (sticker free) field, and went for round 2.   Feel free to laugh at my failed bunting below.  Instead of taking the time to secure each triangle, I mistakingly trusted that they would stay in place.  Not so much.

I was so glad we played Jenga because it really brings out the personalities of my kids.  Ruthie the expressive dare devil.

Sam the pensive one.

And Jack playing it safe by taking his from the top.  Love that kid. :)

We also painted our pumpkin and yes it all washed out of Ruthie's Matilda Jane dress. 

In the end I got what I wanted, a family picture for the Christmas card and some action shots of my kids at this stage.  It wasn't without great effort, a few failed plans, and much frustration though.   So if you go this fall for family pictures and wonder what it is like for the photographer when she photographs her family, you can rest assured it is probably a lot like what you are experiencing in that very moment. 


Lori said...

I have nothing else to say except, YEP! Totally the same over here! (Bribes like chore coupons and extra video game time come in handy during our family shoots...and even then, I barely get anything!) Lovely family photos!

Jenn said...

I don't see a failed family photo session!! They all look wonderful!!!!

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