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Friday, October 5, 2012

That Old Rocking Chair

There is a rocking chair that I have moved from house to house with me and have never actually set out because it is missing a support piece in front.  Most people would have thrown it away by now, but I couldn't.  You see, it was my mom's rocking chair so it is a sentimental thing.

I have been thinking lately about all of the things my mom should have done in what should have been her lifetime, but she never got to do.   She never got to travel like we do today and she had no concept of things like laptop computers, starbucks, and cell phones, but she should have.  

She never saw her children get married and she never met her grandchildren.  I can't help but wonder what she would have thought about a grandchild from China.  I wonder how she might have loved and spoiled her. 

When I told Ruthie that we were going to take some pictures in my mom's old rocking chair, she asked which mom.  She has no concept of my birth mother but only of those who filled that role for me later in life.

I wish she knew the woman who used to sit in that chair.  My sister says she remembers my mom, dressed in her green robe, rocking me or sewing there.  I wish I could remember more.

I thought this photo-op was an interesting picture of what once was and what never got to be.
When we finished, I hung the old rocker back on my garage wall for another day.

As for Ruthie, she didn't mind the shoot because it meant she also got to play with bubbles.

And I must add she looked pretty darn cute in her new Matilda Jane pants- something else I am sure my mother would have loved.

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Holly S. said...

So thoughtfully written and photographed.

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