Thursday, January 10, 2013

Birthday Trips Are The Best

I am on a quest to convince my children that a family trip is way better than a birthday party.  I sold Jack a few years ago and he talks about his birthday getaway all year.  Ruthie took a little more convincing.  Without a frame of reference, it was hard for her to imagine that this place called Six Flags could be more fun than her beloved Chuck E Cheese.  With the challenge to prove my point, I decided to go all out and book us a room on the River Walk.

I am pretty sure that the River Walk combined with a few rides and some ice skating was a hit! Sorry Chuck E Cheese but you lose!

Sam had an adventure all his own too.  He has now crossed 48 inches which dramatically increased his potential for fun.  Trent had to conquer the upside down roller coaster with him.

A great time was had by all.  I guess the real test of my success won't come for another year, but I am thinking I gained another convert to travel.

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