Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Can't Believe She is 6

I am discovering something about adoption.  Time starts in a mom's heart when she first sees her baby.  For Ruthie, that was when she was 2 so when my baby girl turned 6 this week, it felt very much to me like she was turning 4.  

It is very cold here (40 degrees!) so we stayed inside for her birthday pics.  Okay I know the rest of you are experiencing much colder temperatures, but for us in Houston, this is a really cold winter.  We haven't hit 80 degrees in at least 2 weeks. :)

Some sweet friends brought Ruthie ice cream for her special day.  As a family, we took a trip to San Antonio to celebrate.  Pictures from that to come soon.


likeschocolate said...

she is one of the cutest 6 year olds. Happy Birthday to your girl!

Hunan Mommy said...

Precious - is it possible all our girls are getting so big? Happy Birthday Ruthie!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!