Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chinese New Year- Getting Better at This

Every year we get a little better at celebrating Chinese New Year.  I am still leagues behind most of you, but with the help of some good friends, I am getting better.  I am blessed to have a precious friend from China who is willing to help Ruthie connect with her birth culture.   For Chinese New Year, she came over with chopsticks, decorations, and all of the ingredients to make homemade dumplings.

After enjoying dinner, we released Chinese lanterns in a nearby field.  I did learn that the color I ordered is traditionally used for funerals, but at least I tried. :)  I think some of the adults may have enjoyed the lanterns more than the kids.

I am not sure what next year holds, but I am thinking we have now set the bar pretty high. 


likeschocolate said...

A fantastic way to celebrate! I am sure your children will always remember this day!

Dawn S. said...

Cool! Great pics!