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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mountains For Maggie: Part 5 November 19, 2013

I left off last time with us being Dossier to China.  You non-adoptive people are learning way more about this process than  you ever bargained for.  Anyway, we received confirmation that we were officially logged into China's database on November 13, 2013.  That meant whenever Maggie's paperwork arrived, we would be eligible.

A little back story- while I was in the orphanage, I connected with one of the employees.  I even gave her an American name and my email address if she wanted to keep in touch.  She is just one of those kinds of people that if I lived in China, I think we would be big buds.  Now fast forward.

On November 19, 2013 I woke to an email in Chinese.  It was from my friend and basically it said that Maggie was doing well, that her condition was stable, she was learning to walk, and to keep an eye out for her paperwork.  It also said they were taking good care of her until I could get there and not to worry.

I was over the top excited to receive that.  The peace of knowing she was doing well was such a gift but I had no idea what God was up to next.  Two hours later my phone rang.   It was my family coordinator and she was telling me that Maggie's paperwork had arrived!!! She warned me that it looked serious and wanted to know if I was still interested.  Of Course!!!!

Okay friends, on paper this child looks near dead.  So how good was God to give me that email 2 hours before her official medical report was in my inbox.  I know what the paperwork says is going on with her heart.  But I also know how she looked on November 18th.  She is stable and learning to walk!  The Lord gave me the assurance I needed so I could conquer that mountain of fear.

She is officially ours!

So you may be wondering what's next.  Here are our next mountains we need God to move.

1. We are praying to travel by Chinese New Year.  That is a giant mountain.
      *We need her LOA to come in the next week
      *We need immigration and China to process her TA expeditiously
      *We need favor for a quick consulate appointment

2.  We are praying for an amazing Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeon.  Here is what I would like.
      *I want them to meet with me before I leave for China.
      *I want medications and possibly oxygen that I can take over with instructions on when to use  
      *I want access to them while I am in China in case I have questions or an emergency.
      *I want to land in Houston and then take her to see them the next day and possibly be admitted  
        for testing and a plan of care.

3.  I need God to hold my baby's heart in His hands.  I need him to oxygenate her blood and protect
      her little body until I can get her home.

Will you be praying with us for God to move our next mountains?


groovy mama said...

Yes & we need a photo;)
Love the story!

Amy E. said...

Oh Ginny!! Praying for these next mountains to be overcome quickly and easily! What an amazing journey. Praying for all of you but Maggie especially. Can't wait to hear the next post.

Amy E. said...

Oh this is awesome!! Praying for all of you..but Maggie especially!

Bill and Toni said...

You said, "I need God to hold my baby's heart in His hands."
How absolutely awesome and precious it is to know that He'll do just that!!... today and in the future too!!

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