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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Doing Life Well

We are getting closer with each passing day to traveling to get our Maggie.  Because of the uncertainty of travel, I cut back on my photography commitments this spring and it has left me with extra time on my hands.  That has given me more time to cook, clean, prepare, and just think.

I feel this stronger than normal urge lately to DO LIFE WELL.
It got me thinking about what the components are of a life lived well and here is what I came up with:

1. Slow Down- I don't know about you but my pace of life is the #1 enemy to me doing life well.  I am so busy checking things off of my list most of the time that I sacrifice what counts, like family dinners and eye to eye time with my kids.   The hubs read a book once where the author said, "Hurry is the enemy of Love."  So true.

2. Find the Purpose in all that you do-  I have been feeling a bit disconnected from my PT job lately.  It was starting to feel like a means to a paycheck to pay off another adoption expense and I was ceasing to enjoy it.  Then something clicked for me last Sunday.  I am missing the opportunity to minister to the older patients who come across my schedule.  I still had purpose in the clinic (beyond a pay check).  I just needed to find it.   This week has been more fulfilling and purposeful.

3. Stay True to the Commitments God has Called You to-  When times get tough, it is so easy to want to bail on our commitments.   Satan climbs up on our shoulder and whispers in our ear how much easier things would be if we just let go of XYZ.   Staying committed and fighting the good fight is where God refines us into His image.  Living life well requires committing and staying committed to God's calling, even when it is hard.

4. Trust in the Unseen- Sometimes we see God moving and every corner is a revelation of His plan, but sometimes it just gets still.  It is during the still times that we have to trust in the unseen.  We have to cling to what we know is true.  These are also tests of our faith and times of being refined.  We must trust in the unseen in order to live well through the hard times.

5. Live Outside of Your Comfort Zone- The times that I have seen God move and have experienced the most growth is when I have said yes to the things that made me more uncomfortable than I had wanted to be.  The first step is to lay down your entitlement.  That will separate you from the first 90% of Americans (in my opinion).  Then you stop and listen to God's call.  Where is He moving?  What is He consistently putting in front of you?  What would require a step of faith?   Then take that first step.  You don't have to take them all at once, just the first one.

Want to hear a story about that?  I did not go into Ruthie's adoption with the plan to adopt a special needs child.  My first step was just calling the agency and getting an application.  The second step was answering the phone when they called and saying "no" to the waiting child program for kids with special needs.  Third step was praying again and letting God change my heart.  About 101 steps later, we had Ruthie.  I am so glad that we took that first step.

With foster care, I had the application in my drawer for a year before I filled it out!!!!  See you don't have to do it all at once.  Just take the first step toward living outside of your comfort zone, whatever that may be.

I hope this encourages you as we press on to live life well.

Here is the verse for today from my bible study.  I thought it was fitting

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