Thursday, January 30, 2014

Energy for the wait

God tends to give me energy for what He has called me to and it is a pretty regular part of my spiritual language.  I find it simple to say no to something if "I don't have energy for that".

With this adoption process, I would frequently get overwhelmed when I looked 2 steps ahead of me and it was generally because I just had energy for whatever came next.  When we would wrap up one step, I would feel all empowered to conquer the next one.  Until now.  Now we wait.  We wait for CNY to pass and we wait for them to issue our TA.  There is nothing I can do.  There is nothing to speed it along.   For the first time, I don't have energy for the next step.  I have energy for 2 steps from now- travel.

If you know me (and you don't even have to know me well), you know that I don't wait well.  So now we find ourselves back in the wait, and I simply don't have energy for that.

Exodus 14:14- The Lord will fight for you; You need only to be still.

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