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Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm a Big Girl Now. Well Sorta...

Big Girl Step #1- We moved Ruthie into her toddler bed this week and took down the crib. We had not intended on using the crib at all, but since it was what she was used to from the orphanage, we put it up beside her toddler bed when she moved into her room. Well today we kissed the baby bed good bye and stored it away. Of course I had to take pictures of my precious girl in her big girl bed. See below...

Baby Girl Step #1- We finally found a stuffed animal that Ruthie likes. Since she got home, Ruthie has been terrified of all animals and of stuffed animals. It is really a strange thing and makes me wonder if she experienced something traumatic in China or if she just wasn't exposed to them at all. She even broke down the other day when a pigeon walked by our table at an outdoor restaurant. Anyway, I took her to Build A Bear to see if we could make a stuffed animal and help her get over her fear. She shook her head "no" at everyone I showed her until she set her eyes on a tiny pre-made stuffed white lamb. We bought that lamb for $5 and she loves it. She had to take it in the car with her today and cried "nammy" at bedtime because it wasn't in her bed. I am so glad my sweet girl has a lovie now. Now I need to go back to Build A Bear and buy more to put away for when she loses this one and then the next one...

For those of you who gave Ruthie a stuffed animal as a baby gift, don't worry, I am sure she will come around very soon.


Barb Hardeman said...

She is soooo lovely! She is like a Lotus blossom opening up, revealing the inner beauty and the sweet fragrance. Her Nammie is precious and just perfect for her. Glad you were able to find something that was a perfect "fit". God bless you all...hugs...Barb

TanyaLea said...

How old is Ruthie again?? I'm just asking because we were planning on putting Khloe in a crib when she is home, too...for the same reasons as you...she is USED to a crib. She is 19 mos. now and I thought maybe we'd use the crib until she is closer to 3 before moving her into a 'big girl' bed.

Anyway, Ruthie is ADORABLE...AS ALWAYS!!...and I'm so happy that she loves her little BAB "Nammie"...too sweet!! :)


Jenn said...

So fun to be in a big girl bed! Cute sheets too!

Her little lovie is so sweet! Karleigh Mei has a lovie too. Hers is a little blanket I had bought while waiting for her. I had planned on sending it in a care package, and then didn't for fear it wouldn't be given to her. Every time she asks for it and wants it I'm reminded of how faithful God was/is during the wait for her. We lost her "blanket" in Costco the other day and had to retrace all of our steps--and we found it! So happy! Think we will be leaving it in the car/home for now on!


kimberlysink said...

kade keeps saying (in a loud voice), "mommy, click on the picture so it can get bigger and i can see it better!"

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