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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not What I Expected, but Good

Dallas was good even though it did not go like I had pictured. I guess the only part that did go like I expected was that we had a wonderful time hanging out with my aunt as just the girls.

Scottish Rite
The people at Scottish Rite were all very nice. I had hoped that they would order a series of tests that had been recommended by other providers to determine the cause of Ruthie's condition, but the Dr. there did not feel like they were necessary most likely because, regardless of the cause, the treatment is the same. So I will never know what exactly caused Ruthie's condition and that is hard for this mother who is just wired to need answers, but I certainly understand and can appreciate their rationale.

Their recommendation was a series of surgeries that would begin in January. These would correct the position of her wrists and elbows and allow for more active motion. I am researching their recommendations to make sure that this is the way we want to go. It is just not one of those areas where you can afford to have regrets.

Meeting Stephanie our Friend from China
One of the things we did while we were in Dallas was take Ruthie to meet a friend of ours who is here from China working for a family we know from Pine Cove. I wanted Ruthie to meet Stephanie so she would have that connection and so we could see how much Chinese Ruthie can speak. I thought it would be great to have video of Ruthie speaking Chinese that I could show her later in life. My mental motion picture was rolling where Ruthie and I would be sitting on the couch and watching the video when she was about 6 and she would be cracking up laughing at herself talking in Chinese to this friend. I guess I will have to file that one away with the other motion pictures created in my head that were never produced in real life. :)

Here is what we got instead. Again, different but not disappointing:


Jenn said...

I love her little laugh! So sweet!

She might have been afraid of meeting the Chinese friend....she might have thought she had to go back. :( So sad.

Ginny Henderson said...

Jenn- That is what we thought because as soon as Stephanie walked up and started talking to her in Chinese, Ruthie started crying and climbing into my lap. The only time I have ever seen her react like that was when I got her on gotcha day.

Bec said...

This may not have been the "movie" you had planned in your head, but I think it is fantastic. I laughed, I cried, I called in my whole family to watch. I suspect she'll love watching this video just as much some day-it was wonderfully put together.

Eleanor said...

WOW! what a Blessing she is so happy at home with her family. How far y'all have come in a short time.

Lee Ann said...

Of course she doesn't like China anymore! Look at what God has given her. She has a new and safer life!!
Love the laughing and giggles!

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