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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First 100 Days

Our church is emphasizing prayer in the first 100 days of this year. They are encouraging everyone to take one day each week and commit it to fasting and praying. During this time, Trent is preaching a series on prayer and I really believe that God is up to something.

The theme in my personal study lately seems to be coming back around to believing God. As I was reading the other day, I felt led to pray for Jack's healing during these 100 days. For those of you who don't know, my 7 year old was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disease 2 years ago and it is gradually taking away the muscle in his legs while making his legs more spastic. We are seeing a real difference in the last month in his ability to run and keep up with his friends.

Praying for his healing is interestingly enough something I have never done before. I really believe that the issue is so close to my heart, that I have feared how it my feel if God told me no. For some reason, it feels different now and I feel as though not praying for his healing reflects a lack of faith on my part to trust this God who has shown me over and over that He wants to do big things.

So I am going to take the next 100 days and pray specifically that God will heal Jack of this disease and restore his legs to full health and that we will give Him all the glory for it. I can't tell you how scary this is for me. Would you pray too when you think of us?

My big guy with his adoring sister and 1 musical Santa


Kim S said...

Ginny, I had no idea about Jack. You're right - it is scary praying for your child's healing. Been there. God is so faithful and so amazing - and He loves sweet jack so much more than you can imagine. I always like to think that we parents get a glimpse of God's perspective toward us... in reality, I'm sure it's the tiniest of glimpses of the depth of love He feels for us. I will pray for Jack, and for you & Trent. Love you guys, Kim

Anonymous said...

Ginny, it's so strange, or is it really, that Sunday sitting in church, my mind and heart were flooded with thoughts of Jack and I felt absolutely led to be praying for healing as well. I think I was sitting there as Trent was talking about Ruthie's healing thinking God is so BIG and so MIGHTY and there absolutely isn't anything He can't do!!! I was truly felt convicted to be praying for him as well. So please know that this will be a part of my prayers as well. Jack is such a great young man and has such a wonderful spirit about him! We love you guys!
Love Kimberly Wilson

Eleanor said...

okay, as I am fasting today and now I feel I need to focus on praying for the healing of Jack also. So glad I opened up your Blog tonight. Trent did touch my heart also when he spoke of his 2 special needs children. Will be praying for Jack also. Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

We will join with you and ask God for Jacki's healing! He can do all things! What an incredible story Jack could have to tell one day.... :) -shannon d.

Shannon said...

I have been gone for awhile (Baja and then a broken computer)...you can bet I will stand with you in prayer for Jack!!!! Love praying with you my friend!

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