Friday, June 3, 2011

No One Quite Like Him

Sam really is one of a kind.  He strives to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of life.   It's an amazing thing that a 6 year old can teach me so much about how to enjoy myself.

Over the last 6 months we have seen another side of Sam develop.  The boy is always thinking and those thoughts turn into some rather deep and interesting questions.

The other night I decided to sit down and record all the questions he had asked me (that I could remember) in just that day.

It started early with, "How many of the scriptures did Paul write?"
We were picking up his room and just out popped that question.  My response- ask your dad.

Then he progressed to "How can God be the father and the son? That doesn't make sense-right?"

We headed to the spray park and on the way he asked me, "How many days have you been alive? That is just 365 x 36 right?

On the way home he told me, "It's okay mom that you didn't put enough sunscreen on me.  This sunburn is going to keep me warm."

We got home and it was back to spiritual questions with, "How are people going to stay alive in hell if it is a lake of fire?"

When we sat down for dinner I was most stunned because he asked if infinity was a number.  I explained that infinity was a concept that was never ending.  Sam replied, "You mean like a circle?"
I was shocked and said yes.  Then he said, "but not like a cube."  I can't help but wonder what he sees in his head.

This next picture represents again what I love most about him and it is that love of life he has.  Here he is celebrating his new karate belt.  Everyone else stands there still, but Sam has to celebrate.  

So even if he wasn't super smart or super fun, I would still be crazy about this kid because he has a heart of gold.  You see, the last question he asked out of the blue that night was if we could take the $69 he has been saving for 2 years and give it to build a house in Haiti because there is nothing he needs that compares to people who need a home.

Dadgummit I am crazy about that kid!

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