Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

When we first got Ruthie, she was terrified of dogs.

She even screamed and cried when anyone gave her a stuffed animal and that was hard because she was given several stuffed animals in those early days.

At first we thought maybe she had never seen a dog, but then she would cry, "No go go".  We learned that the Chinese word for dog sounded a lot like go go so clearly she knew what they were.

Poor Max didn't get much attention in those first few months, but that soon changed and now they are good friends.  In fact, I am pretty sure max is a few pounds heavier from all the snacks she gives him.

Sunday Snapshot


Lacie said...

How sweet! I am pretty sure that Max knows that she loves him now!

Kristi said...

The foster fam my little lived with her last 8 mos in China had 2 small dogs. We have pics of her holding & loving on them. She loves dogs - cats...not so much ;)

Beautiful girlie & amazing pics!!

V said...

Cute photos! your girl is beautiful!

groovy mama said...

Love doggie pics, very sweet and you can see the connection between them! She is so pretty!