Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Snapshot- Home From Family Camp

Our family just returned from the best week of our year.

Every summer we spend one week at Pine Cove Family Camp in Tyler, Texas.

It is the place where God forces me to slow down, give my children my undivided attention, and hear from Him.

Seriously every year, God takes something that he has been placing before my eyes (and I was too busy to notice) and he hits me over the head with it   reveals it to me in an Ah Ha moment.   Then he places a beautiful bow of grace on it and says here now go and follow my plan.

I always come back with tons of inspiration, fabulous teaching, and good practical application in my hands.

I also come back with a million few pictures.  I will share some of those with you as I also try and share some of what God is encouraging me to in hopes that maybe there is something in there for you too.

Now this is how we are all feeling today after having to leave Family Camp for another 358 days.

Sunday Snapshot

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Holly S. said...

I'm so glad that your week at camp was so good.