Friday, July 29, 2011

Leaving For China!

Tomorrow (very early) I will be leaving for China to work with an organization called Bring Me Hope.  They offer a summer camp for orphans and use volunteers to partner with the children and bless them during that week.  My good friend, Jamie, will be traveling with me and we are very excited to see what God has planned for this week.

Here are some ways you can pray if you think of us while we are gone:

1. Pray that we make all of our flights and transitions without difficulty.  We have a very short connection in New Jersey.

2. Pray for safety and good health for our team in China and our families back home.

3. Pray that we would lay down our expectations and preferences and exchange them for God's will for this week.

4.  Pray that God will speak clearly to us during the week regarding His will for our future involvement in China and for our involvement with the kids of BMH.

I am sure there will more requests as we go but right now I just can't seem to think clearly.  Signing off now to go kiss on my babies before I have to go.


Naomi said...

Ginny that is so exciting!!! I had no idea that you were going back to do something like this. I have checked in on your blog now and then but really must get back into following and catching up on your news. Your title caught my eye today on my side bar!

Glad to see you are all well and that you continue to be a blessing to so many people,

love Naomi

Barbara said...

Love to read "leaving for China" on anyone's blog!! God bless you all along your journey. Hug those precious children for me!!

Teri said...

What an amazing journey. Gives me goose bumps just thinking about you. Love on those kids as much as you can...may God bless all you in China!