Friday, July 15, 2011

Underwater Capture

A few posts back I told you that I got a new toy for my camera.  They make these super cool underwater bags for digital SLRs that only cost about $100.  Most underwater point and shoot cameras are more expensive and the picture quality is poor.  I took a ton of pictures while we were at Palm Beach and I learned a little about this new toy along the way.

1. Completely dry it takes a pretty good picture.  This is significant because I was concerned about quality when you put an SLR lens behind a plastic lens.  Also most underwater cameras get bad reviews for out of water pictures.

2. Underwater it is just as good as an underwater camera

3. When it got interesting was with pictures taken out of water with me standing in the water after the bag was wet.  I had some trouble focusing beyond the water here to get Jack in focus, but I still like what I got.

4. I love how close up I was able to get Sam here but you can't miss the unavoidable water dots on the lens.

5. Again water on the lens affects the quality of these images, but they would have been difficult to get any other way.

6. Because you can shoot with an SLR, you can still control your manual settings to get a fast shutter speed and freeze water like this.

7. Occasionally the camera lens falls below the bag lens and you get a false vignette like I have here in the picture with Sam.  This took some practice for me to figure out how to stabilize the camera lens in the bag.

I have more pics to share over the next few days, but these are just some thoughts on the bag.  I think for the money, it is fun to have to catch pictures you might otherwise be unable to get.


Holly S. said...

What a fun toy! I love these pictures.

Jenn said...

How fun!! Love rpthe shots you got!

Jenn said...

Wow. That was suppose to be *all the*.

Teri said...

Oh those are very fun!