Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Ruthie's grandmother likes to sew for her and occasionally she will show up with a fun new creation.
She brought this new shirt when they visited last week.  Sounds like a good reason for a photo op to me. :)

This is the face of a child who has her picture taken way too often.  Here she is telling me, "I will cooperate but really mom do we have to do this again?"

And this was after I said the word "booger".  Works every time. :)

A few more shots from our 5 minute adventure.

She is getting bored with me again.

And then her brother who came along just to see the train station sat beside her and made it fun again.

Thanks Grandi.  We love Ruthie's new shirt.

Sunday Snapshot


abby said...

Cute shirt and cute kids! Stopping by from Sunday Snapshot.

Merrill said...

Ah, the "I'm 'smiling' because I have to, Mom" smile...I know that one all too well.

Rachel said...

Great pictures - love the shirt! Stopping by from Sunday Snapshot:)

Diane said...

Beautiful pictures! And beautiful children!

Hunan Mommy said...

Adorable shirt! And I will have to remember that word next time my kids give me the glazed over look behind the camera:-)