Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Snapshot- Pinwheel Fun

Ruthie gets her cast off this week.

I am both anxiously excited and nervous to see what function she gains from this procedure.

Will she be able to bend her elbow to be independent with those handful of tasks she still needs help with now?

I decided to take these pictures with the pinwheel because it is the source of a really funny memory from this experience.

Right before they took Ruthie into surgery, they gave her "happy juice" and handed her this pinwheel.

Watching my daughter "drunk" and giggling at the colors of the spinning wheel made me wonder what kind of hippy she might have been. :)

I would imagine that the experience must have felt somewhat like sitting inside of a kaleidoscope.

Well now she still loves the pinwheel and we joke that she must be trying to re-create her pre-op ride.

Oh Ruthie, with all your spunk, determination, and sense of adventure, I can't wait to see who you turn out to be and what you manage to conquer. 

Sunday Snapshot