Saturday, December 22, 2012

Paris- The Palace of Versailles

There is a saying that enough is never enough and nowhere is that more true (that I have seen) than the Palace of Versailles.  It started out as a hunting lodge in the early 1600's and then one building campaign at a time, it became the largest palace in Europe.  To hear the story during the tour is fascinating.  One Louis wanted this and another wanted to add that.  Then there were the additions of the gardens, the opera house, the chapel, the grand apartments, the farm house, the summer home, and the smaller version of the summer home until the palace finally totaled 721, 206 square feet.  The last residents of the palace were Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.  They were beheaded.  Hmm.

Here are a few pics from my day at the Palace of Versailles.  I kept imagining myself on a horse riding through the gardens.  That would have been cool.

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