Saturday, April 5, 2014

Apparently "We have Flava"- A Culturally Enlightening Evening

For months I have been wanting to try out Houston's food truck park.  A friend went there last fall, shared her pics, and I was sold.  Well last night we had nothing on the schedule and decided to make my dream a reality. :)

One of the best part of living in Houston is that there are always really fun cultural things to do.  The worst part is that traffic makes getting there a nightmare!  Last night was no exception.  It took us an hour to get to 610 which might have put me in a bit of a bad mood.  I am glad we pressed on though.

After looking at the options, we settled for the Waffle Bus.   One of our other truck options was a hamburger on a donut with a fried egg on top.  Hmm.

Warning!!!!- I may have dressed my girls a little funky for this experience.    
Bigger Warning!!!! - We weren't the worst dressed people there. 

We were in for quite the surprise when a rap video was being filmed on the premises.  Apparently, a key wardrobe malfunction  component was rapping while wearing your pants at your mid-thigh.  The lyrics were less than uplifting and I told Jack that he was witnessing where kids end up who cuss and act disrespectful in the 5th grade.  I think he bought it for now. :)

Maggie fit right in.

And I had to snap a few pics around the graffiti.  I told Sam to think of the prettiest girl in his class for this one.  I wonder who he was thinking of.

More pics for dad's office.  I mean don't Easter bunnies go with graffiti, rainbow shoes, and hip hop hats for you?

We actually stayed longer than I expected because we met another group with kids and they all started playing with the styrofoam airplane and bubbles that I threw in my car at the last minute.

Funniest moment of the night- Trent and I were invited to be in the 1/2 dressed rap video.  Our line, "we got flava".  Apparently that means that we have style.  Good to know.  Now I can't help but wonder if it is going to end up on Youtube. 

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Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

The food looks amazing! So happy you had a great evening.