Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Bluebonnet Adventure

I don't usually shoot pictures in the bluebonnets.  I have never offered sessions there nor cared to.  I am not a bad Texan, I promise.  I even love the color blue.  I just have some internal conflict with doing what everyone else is doing.  I know, I need counseling.

Anyway, I decided to take Maggie for pictures in the bluebonnets and I actually got a little excited about it.  A photographer friend found a cute little patch with a red barn in the background.  I decided to go a little non-traditional (fighting my fear of conformity) and took a bandana teepee a friend made in order to play off the barn.

So I got the girls ready and we headed out.  Luckily I realized that I forgot my camera while I was still in the neighborhood, but that should have been my first sign that it might not go as planned.

About 5 minutes down the road, this happens.

I texted the pic to Trent and he replied, "Wake her up now or she will be mad when she wakes up."  I decided he was wrong and she needed her sleep.  He also suggested that I take snacks but I decided that too was ridiculous since I fed her before we left and we were getting dinner afterwards.

You see where this is going.

Yep she woke up mad as hell.  So there I was trying to set things up with a crying baby on my hip and no snacks to distract her from her present anger.   So I shot these instead with Maggie screaming on my hip.

We tried again.

Not what I had planned but still pretty hilarious.

I couldn't arrange the teepee the way I wanted and now looking at it, I am not sure it was that great of an idea.  I believe Ruthie agreed based on her expression here.

I finally handed her a flower clip and she calmed down.  Not happy, but calm.  We ditched the mismatched teepee and things started to improve.

This one may be my favorite.

Yes Maggie I see your clip.  Remember, I handed it to you when you were throwing your fit?

This child has more expressions than anyone I have ever met.

I mean seriously, how can that be the same kid?

It is, she's mine, and I am crazy about her.  I am still not crazy about bluebonnets, but I sure like what I see sitting in them.


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

They are beautiful! I am jealous -crying baby and all! I am waiting for warm weather to do Avery's photo shoot!

Amy said...

Those dimples are so cute!

Bill and Toni said...

B L E S S E D ! ! !

How AWESOME is our God!!??!!

Naomi said...

Oh Ginny she is so beautiful and thank you for keeping it real!!! The Bluebonnets are just gorgeous.

I am so excited that God you led you to Maggie!!

love Naomi