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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Medical Appointment and A Little Shopping

Today was our first full day in Guangzhou.  Just being at the China Hotel brings back so many memories of my time here 4 years ago with Ruthie.  I have thought of my old travel group many times and have frequent flashbacks of my time here before.

You will have to forgive my poor picture quality.  These were all taken with my cell phone because there just isn't much room or energy to carry my big 'ole camera when I am trying to keep up with the girls.

Maggie had her medical appointment today.  The doctor asked me 3 times if she had surgery yet like when I answered no the first 2 times I didn't understand.  She would look at Maggie's paperwork and then look at Maggie back and forth several times and then asked for a 2nd copy of her paperwork.   She explained that Maggie's paperwork looked very serious but her presentation was much better.  Yes we know that, thank you.

Maggie charmed all of the doctors and nurses.  She doesn't meet a stranger and is a complete flirt.  Yesterday someone gave her a balloon in the mall and today a nurse brought out a toy and gave it to her.

Her coloring really does look good unless she is crying, having just eaten, or is tired.  She has trouble drinking and breathing.  The first 2 days I just thought she didn't want the cup but now I am discovering that I need to keep offering it frequently.  She is not a finish 8 oz in one sitting kind of girl but rather suck on it off and on over 2 hours.

My sister decided that China might not be so bad after all when she discovered wine in a vending machine.  

After Maggie's nap, we went on a short shopping trip with Ann.  My sister wanted pearls and a pearl ring.  I picked out a few clothing items for the kids that were super cheap. 

A Few More things about Maggie:

* She hates to go to sleep at night.  Because of her heart, crying it out really isn't an option but when I pick her up she wants to play.  You can pray she starts to settle in for naps and bedtime better.

* She loves to take off her left shoe.  It is the craziest thing. She just keeps removing the left one. 

* She is letting me wear her more and that is really sweet time. 

* The head butting has decreased significantly since I started teaching her sign language.  She can already sign that she wants to eat and wants more.  That has really helped with her frustration.

* She only weighs 18 lbs.  We thought she was going to be several pounds bigger but I think they were weighing her with several layers on.  She is the same size Ruthie was when we got her but Ruthie was a year older. 

* I think she may have a milk allergy.  I am struggling with what to give her because her formula seems to upset her stomach and produce some seriously nasty diapers.  Pray for insight there as to what to feed her to make sure she is getting enough nutrition.   The child cannot live on Pedialyte, cereal, and french fries. :)

Thanks everyone for your support and prayers.  I am ready to get home!

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Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

I am so glad some people are still using Ann. Our guide wouldn't let us use her! I have heard she is so nice!

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