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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Amazed at How God Provides...Again!

Okay I have to tell you a really cool story.

I am headed to Bolivia in a few days.  Two nights ago I sent an email to one of the missionaries there to remind him that I am a PT and would love to assist in the orphanage in any way possible.  He wrote me back and asked if I could come prepared to help the staff work with an 11 month old who appears to have symptoms consistent with Cystic Fibrosis.   I contacted some PT friends for help and one mentioned a percussion vest.  I looked it up and realized that they cost A LOT! Like $20,000.00 A LOT.

And then it hit me.  You have not because you ask not- James 4:3

So I prayed and put it out there on Facebook.

Now the story gets really good.
Two years ago, our family lost a precious member too soon.  She was a young mother of two who suffered a series of strokes due to an undiagnosed clotting disorder.   We miss her terribly but have found some comfort in the knowledge that she was an organ donor and her passing gave life to many others.
Do you see where this is going????

The incredible woman (mother of 3 year old twins), who received her lungs, no longer needs her mechanical percussion device.  She heard of our need, contacted me, and is donating her $20,000 machine! Amazing.

So the next challenge was that we needed pediatric vests and they run about $500 a piece and can take months to get.  My husband made a few phone calls and in two days we will be picking up 2 vests for this child, one he can wear now and one he can grow into.  How amazing is that?

I think there are a few things we need to take away from this:

1. God is good and worthy of our praise.
2. When we ask according to God's will, He provides.
3. God's heart is for the orphan and He desires to use His people to bring about His purposes.  If we align our focus with His heart, we will see Him move mountains (once again) to take care of orphans.

WOW.  Just WOW.

If you feel led to pray for us in Bolivia, here is what you can pray for:
1. For good ministry time. Pray that God would use us to bring about His purpose there.
2. For health.  Apparently the altitude can be a bit rough.  Pray for protection from that.
3. For vision.  Part of our trip is to lay the ground work for future teams.  Pray that we can think outside of the box and discover ways that our church can meet the specific needs of the people there.


Gwen Brehm said...


likeschocolate said...

WOW! That is wonderful news!

Suzette Jones said...

What an awesome story that only God could orchestrate! Oh, how I would love to be with you right now! I will be praying that God continues to go above and beyond all you can imagine! Love you, dear friend!

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