Friday, November 28, 2014

Thankful for 1:1 time: Trip to D.C.

Maybe it's because I am an introvert.  Maybe it is because I am a task manager.  I am not sure why, but when we are together as the six of us, I don't make great quality connections with my kids.  That time happens best for me during one-on-one moments, and with four kids, I don't get them near enough.

Last spring, we surprised Jack with a trip to D.C. for his 5th grade graduation and birthday gift, but he had to wait until Thanksgiving break to go.  I lived in D.C. for a summer and know my way around, so I got to be the one to take him.

Jack is at a great age where he loves to talk about what he sees.  I was telling Trent the other day that the word I would use to describe him these days is "Engaging."

He also never complains and was a great sport about trying new restaurants and braving the cold when we had to stand in line for tickets.

I did my best to let him choose where we went and what our priorities were for the trip.  One thing we did was fly into Baltimore so Jack could ride the train to D.C..  I loved catering the trip to him in this way.

A highlight for both of us was riding to the top of the Washington Monument.

 And seeing the Capitol from the Speaker's balcony.

We had a great time together, learned a lot, and made lasting memories.

I sure love that boy. 

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