Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dear Ruthie,

I had a dream about you last night. You were running around and laughing. In my dream, I kept calling you Mei Mei. Your Chinese name is MeiWen Peng. I have never really thought about calling you by your Chinese name before mainly because God gave us the name Ruthie before I ever really knew who you were. I looked up the meaning of Mei today and it is "beautiful". It is a great name for you because you really are very pretty. I am starting to wonder if we should name you Ruthie Mei Karen instead of Karen Ruth. I can't imagine not having Karen in your name because it will be such an honor to be named after your Nana. I just think keeping part of your Chinese heritage makes sense and Ruthie Mei is just so cute. Your father is sitting on it like he does most decisions so I guess I will know his thoughts on the topic in a few days. Ruthie Mei Karen???

Love, Mom


Melissa Henderson said...

I know you are not writing to anyone but Ruthie but I wanted you to know that I love the Ruthie Mei Karen combination! I think it is indeed beautiful! Your dream gave me goose bumps! I am so happy for ya'll and for Ruthie!

Ginny said...

Thanks Mo. It means a lot that you are even reading this. I am so glad that Ruthie has Josh as a cousin. I think being adopted will be a neat bonding point for them. Love ya