Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to Pray

Thank you so much for all of your comments to Ruthie. I am going to take them with her adoption confirmation papers and make a "pregnancy book" for her. I know your words of welcome will mean the world to her.

Many of you have mentioned that you are praying for Ruthie, so I thought it might help to let you know how we are praying for her.

1. For Health.
  • We are asking God to heal her wrists which are currently turned inward (club hands),
  • To help her catch up on her developmental milestones (she is behind but that is expected with her wrists and being in an orphanage)
  • That there would not be any other health issues- her cognitive, speech, and emotional health would all be excellent
  • That she would get the nutrition and attention she needs to thrive

2. For Travel

  • That our paperwork would be processed quickly
  • Trent is praying that we can travel to pick her up in April. This would defy all odds, but I am learning not to second guess his prayers. I am just hoping to be back from China before we travel to family camp in June. I think family camp would be a great place for us to connect as a family

Thank you for praying with us.


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