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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Head is Spinning

January 14, 2009

Trent told me several months ago that he thought we would get a call in January. Of course, I didn't believe him because that would mean dissapointment if he was wrong. Well, he was right!!!

America World called today around 1:15 and told us that they had a match for us through the shared referral program. After praying and consulting with a physician, we decided to move forward with locking the referral. The next step is to receive an acceptance from China and at that time I believe we can share her picture with all of our friends and family. We are supposed to travel to get her in 4-6 months.

What I can tell you is that she turned 2 in January. She is cute as a button. We are praying for healing with her specific special needs and that she will get the nutrition and attention she needs to grow and transition into our family perfectly. Please join us in praying for Ruthie Henderson.

I will post pictures and details as soon as I get the ok.
Also- I am going to take this information and place in her scrapbook so feel free to comment and leave her messages.



emily said...

Your parents have been praying for you over years and years (they've been pregnant in heart for a long time!) We have had the privilege of joining them in that prayer and rejoice with them in this great news! The chance of this is miraculous and God's sovereign plan for you, for your life is unfolding before our very eyes. Brett and I cannot wait to meet, hug and kiss you. Hattie and Lucy can't wait to put lots of make up on you and dress you up like a princess! We pray for lots of fun memories to come,
Love Brett, Em, Hattie and Lucy Mills

emily said...

p.s. I just looked at the top of your page and the Chinese spelling for Ruth...did you notice the two crosses that look like they're in a window? neat

KarenD said...

I knew it, too! I don't know why but when I asked you the other night if you had heard anything and you said no, my heart told me, soon, very soon!

Ruthie, you are fearfully and wonderfully made! The Lord has a plan for you, and He has chosen a family for you. Always remember that YOU are a part of HIS family, no matter what!

Melissa said...

How wonderful! We are super excited to meet Ruthie and we are praying for an easy transition for everyone. God is sooooo good!

David Guion said...

"Amen" to the Mills' prayer!

We're so blessed by this wonderful news and can't wait to meet little Ruthie face to face!

David, Kimberly and Carly Guion

Amy said...

I can't even begin to describe how thrilled I am for all of you...I can't wait to meet our brand new neighbor! Love y'all!

Kelly Farrington said...

I'm so excited about your news! How great to be a part of God's specific, good plans for Ruthie and the rest of the Hendersons. We will be praying for you during the rest of your time apart. We can't wait to meet her!!
You are blessed to have such a wonderful family and they are blessed to have you. God loves you so much and so will your big brothers! Just call Carley when you need a break from the boys in your house!
Love, The Farringtons

Amy E. said...

I am so excited for you guys. I know multiple people who have adopted from China and I see what a blessing it is. I will be keeping you all and Ruthie in my prayers. I look forward to keeping up with your journey!

Greg said...

You have two precious cousins in Little Rock who cannot wait to welcome you into their family. We have lots of fancy dresses from Granmary that will look just as beautiful on you, but more importantly we have lots of love we cannot wait to shower on you. We went to school with a little girl from China whom we loved, and we learned so much from her. We look forward to learning even more from you.
All our love,
Your cousins, Libby and Catherine

Anonymous said...

Yea God! I am so happy for your family and for little Ruthie. God's heart is all over caring for the Fatherless and He shows up when our hearts line up with His!
We're praying for ya'll!
Dan, Jana & Family


Anonymous said...

Yea God! I am so happy for your family and for little Ruthie. God's heart is all over caring for the Fatherless and He shows up when our hearts line up with His!
We're praying for ya'll!
Dan, Jana & Family


Stephanie said...

Ginny & Ruth,
I'm so privileged to know about your journey and how God is bringing Ruth into the Henderson family. As I pray for you and your family from my home in South Africa, I know that God is working in your young life in China to transition you to your new life in America. This amazing God who created our world is your loving Father. I'm encouraged to see God's hand in your life Ruth, and I know that He has awesome plans and purposes for your life that will be more than you can ask or imagine.
I look forward to meeting you someday!
Stephanie Canipe

kimberlysink said...

ok, so i posted this on the wrong section...not a big blogger...here it is in the right section! sorry, ginny!

dear ruthie~
your mommy & daddy just found out some great news today! some important people called to say that YOU were a perfect match for their family. i cannot tell you how excited i am for them AND to meet YOU! your mommy said you were "cute as a button" and i know you've already captured her heart just from a picture. YOU, sweet girl, are an answer to much prayer...prayers from your mommy & daddy, your two awesome brothers and ALL of their friends. God has a special plan for you...what a blessing that He chose YOU to be a part of such a special family. ruthie, we cannot WAIT to meet you! we love you!

Carey, Kimberly, Kyle & Kade Sink

Rose said...

Praise God for sweet Ruthie! I can't wait to hear more.

Nicole Mayfield said...

When I saw the email titled Family News I hurried to open it knowing that it would say that Ginny was finally getting her Ruthie. I can't wait to see you and for you to play with my Bella who is not much younger than you. We are so excited to meet you, and hope you make it here by Bella's Birthday Party. We love you all... John, Nicole, Claire, Jacob and Bella Mayfield

Cindy said...

We are so thrilled to hear that you will be joining your family soon! God loves you more than you can imagine, and we pray that you will embrace His huge love for you through the love you receive from your family! You are a little princess in God's big family and your new family is going to be immeasurably blessed by you. We love you already and can't wait to meet you one day!
Steve, Cindy, Ashlyn, and Rebekah Graves

Elita Caldwell said...


Welcome to your new family Ruthie. We are so excited God has found the right family just for you. Your mommy and daddy are AWESOME people and you are so lucky to be part of such a wonderful family. Chloe and you will have so much fun as you grow up together. Your brothers are so excited and have been waiting for you. We can't wait to meet you!

Lots of Love,
Elita, Clay, John Preston and Chloe Caldwell

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