Friday, January 23, 2009

Encouraging Email

I received this email from one of the families that I have met through the adoption group on Yahoo. I found this email to be incredibly encouraging and insightful. fyi- Half the Sky is an organization that has adopted Ruthie's orphanage and does outreach there.

Ginny, We too adopted from CQ Children's Home and although it was back in 2005 what a fabulous place. Our daugher was 18months at the time and not a special needs child. She didn't walk when we got her but within a few days quickly took off. I caught it on video tape. We were most impressed with this orphanage as we were told that that are 800 children at it. There was a clinic/rehab hooked on and it all is a giant complex--nicely decorated, clean and the children looked well taken care of. In our travel group we had 3 babies from here, another 5 from another orpphanage. They said that our orphangae (here) looked like the HIlton compared to theirs. We did get Half the Sky report of our daugher that showed her at 6months when she was given up. I am so excited for you and wish you God speed.

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