Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hello 2!

Yes we are definitely 2 now. When we got Ruthie, I felt like she had the personality of a one year old. She was interested in one year old toys and was on a one year old development level. Well 3 months later, we have found 2!

With my first child, the 2 year old stage was indeed the "terrible- twos". With my second, it was the "I don't have time for this - twos". With Ruthie, it feels more like the "Oh wow -twos" and sometimes the "you are going to have to get over that- twos". Any way you dice it, she has arrived at 2. :)

It is stuff like today when it was time for a nap, she came up with at least 10 other things she needed to do including faking needing to potty. When brothers have something she wants, the girl can act like they just beat her with it to get them to turn it over. She is also still into EVERYTHING. I can't pick up after her fast enough. The other day I trapped her in my bathroom while I took a shower and so she emptied the trash can into the toilet item by item. Today she threw a fit because I put some chips on a plate for her instead of giving her the bag. I knew what she wanted to do with that bag and I was not about to clean all that up. It is at times like that I remind myself that the day will come when I will wish that she would be entertained by dumping chips on the floor or that she was just even in my kitchen.

So here we are 2. Ready to face you head on until 3 comes along with its own set of challenges and blessings. Did I mention that she can't just say "no" but has to scream "no no no"? You gotta love it. :)


Kim S said...

That is soooooo funny - especially since it's a 2 at your house & not mine! :) Have to admit, 2 was our favorite age... it was 3 that drove us nutso - at least with the boys. Elizabeth had lots of interesting stages throughout her preschool years. Baby of the family? Only girl? I'm sure it all adds up to something! :) Enjoy it all - and if nothing else, it's giving you great material for your blog!

Anonymous said...

at least she's talking, right?! Hang in there...shannon