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Saturday, November 7, 2009

This Crazy Life

It's such a race to keep up isn't it? The last few weeks I have felt overwhelmed by all that I have to do and all that I want to do. I even went and bought a new calender to help me keep everything straight. It is called something like the busy mom's calender and every day has 5 different squares- one for each member of the family. I can't think of another $10 purchase that has ever brought me such joy. :)

The other day I picked Sam up from AWANA cubbies and the teacher informed that he didn't get his verse checked off because when she prompted him with "Give", Sam replied "Give what?". It was supposed to be "give thanks to the Lord...". That was my bad because in the midst of school, work, soccer, boy scouts, AWANA, housework, family time, and church work, our weekly verse had been overlooked. It is just a little bit more embarrassing, I must say, when you are the pastor's wife. We made up for it this week and learned 2 verses, but the laundry got neglected in the process.

Does anyone ever feel totally caught up? I know I don't and I don't see relief in the near future since I just registered for 2 classes next spring and I am going to start a parenting study at the church in January. I think I have lost my mind. Expect more tapped out blog entries in my future and don't beat yourself up if your kid doesn't know his AWANA verse this week. You can skip the laundry next week and catch up.

TODAY'S SIDE NOTE: We had family pictures taken 2 weeks ago (the week we failed at AWANA) and I got the proofs back this week. Here are a few. I am thinking about changing my whole blog background so I can use these in my header.

those are the blue eyes that keep him from ever being in trouble. I am a sucker for those eyes.


Rose said...

beautiful pictures! I am never, ever caught up ever.

Eleanor said...

What Awesome Sweet pictures!
Ginny, Jamie asked me to help out in Awana's last week. I was to listen while the kids said their Bible Verses and I was in the room and heard Jack recite Psalms 23. He said he did not want to go play and he would rather study :). Mary did finally talk him into playing with the other kids.

Naomi said...

Fantastic pictures Ginny!!! You are getting really good with that camera!!

Hope to email you really soon!!!

Carolyn said...

Take it from an empty nester...your house will be clean, your schedule organized, and your days placid....someday. Enjoy the moment! God's plan included putting you here on earth to nurture those kids. Here's your priority list: God, Trent, kids. Period. Nothing else matters. You'll have plenty of years (if Jesus delays) to further your studies, perfect your career, be on time to all church functions, teach others, etc. Learn to say NO to the fluff (especially the "well, the pastor's wife SHOULD be doing this), withstand the criticism, and stand proudly with your family.

End of sermon from one who's been there, done that.

Amy E. said...

Love the pictures..really wonderful. your children are just priceless!

Kim S said...

I love these pictures!! So precious!

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