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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saying Yes to Rest and No to Mother Guilt

I have been telling Trent for weeks that I felt like I needed just a few days to myself to rest and work on a creative project I have started. I took a weekend like that 3 years ago and I still look back on it as a time of rejuvenation and that has certainly been a need of mine lately.

So when I saw that this weekend was mostly free, I emailed my Aunt Dawn and Uncle Tim because they have a house on the river in New Braunfels that they occasionally rent out and have said that I could stay in if it were available. Of course though as soon as I heard that it was free, the mother guilt set in. How would they make it without me? What would people think? What if my babies needed me? Would Trent think I was being selfish? You moms know how that goes.

I was driving with Sam in the car in the middle of one of those mother guilt attacks and out of the blue he asked me, "Mom, why didn't God work on the 7th day?". I quickly responded, "Because He knew the importance of rest Sam and He wanted to demonstrate that to us early on". It was one of those knock you upside the head moments. OK God I hear you. Thanks again for using a 4 year old to remind me of your Word and your ways. I will go.

So I am writing this from New Braunfels right now and looking out the window at the rain falling on a beautiful river. Thank you Trent for being such a great husband and allowing me moments like this to refill my tank before the craziness of the holidays. And mom's, ignore the mommy guilt (it isn't from God) and be sure to take a little time yourself to refill your own tank.


A fun picture I caught of Ruthie in the waiting room at Scottish Rite

Ruthie with my Aunt Penny. Penny's middle name is Ruth after her aunt. The 2 Ruths have definitely bonded. Cool fact- my Aunt Penny lives walking distance from Scottish Rite. In a city as big as Dallas, that can only be providence.


Naomi said...

Ginny, enjoy your little retreat with the Lord!!! I know exactly what you mean about the guilt but you are right, it is not from God and as Pastor's wives, we need to make sure that we are resting!!!

I look forward to hearing about your sweet time!!!

Jenn said...

Hey...you're just "down the street" from me! :) Enjoy your time alone!!

Amy E. said...

I hope your time away was truly rejuvenating!!
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know you have lots to be thankful for, we all do.
Enjoy the time with family and friends.

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