Friday, October 29, 2010

2 Songs

There are 2 songs that God uses to get my attention and remind me of who He is.
I will tell you about the first now and the other one tomorrow.

Sam was a sick baby.  He had pyloric stenosis as a newborn and then just as we got over that, he was diagnosed with horrible food allergies. We talked about his diet in terms of what he could eat instead of what we had to avoid.

There were numerous times when I was in my car driving that child to the doctor or hospital and crying out to God at the same time.  I kid you not, about 80-90% of those time, the song My Redeemer Lives (video below) would come on my radio in the middle of my prayer.  The first couple times I broke down crying and the other times I would just laugh at the reminder from God that He was still there and still big enough.

It has been several years since I have heard that song.  Well the other day I was driving home from Texas Children's and praying for Jack and guess what came on the radio? Yep- that song!  I drove home through tears and told Trent all about it.

So right now I am sitting in a surgical waiting room in Dallas while Ruthie is having hand surgery.  Trent is in Houston with Jack and Sam and he just called me and said "listen to what just came on the radio"!  Yep- it was My Redeemer Lives.

YOU CAN LINK TO IT HERE if the video isn't working

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Carolyn said...

Love that song, too! And how great is our GOD that He takes the care to remind you at the times you need it! You've had a rough few weeks lately. May you be refreshed by His Spirit soon!