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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Snapshot- Going Undercover

Jack was in the hospital this week to repair his tethered spinal cord. His surgeon ordered physical therapy for him to get him up and going. My first thought was to tell him that wasn't necessary because I am a PT and I could just do it myself, but then I decided that I wanted to Jack to have the exact same care anyone else with his condition would have. That is when I decided to go undercover and not even tell the PT what I do.

I wanted her to treat Jack the same way she would treat any other patient and I didn't want her to feel like I was looking over her shoulder and evaluating her technique.

I have to say it was much harder than I expected.  I kept wanting to use words like gait, scissoring, heel strike, and base of support.  Those would have definitely blown my cover though. :)

He did great though and we got the approval to go home.  YEAH!  Aren't you glad you weren't in the elevator with us and all those balloons.


Carolyn said...

haha! My mom, a retired RN/FNP, does the same thing, but sometimes a word slips out that gives her away! Like describing her nasal congestion one time, she told the doctor the exudate was green! Cover blown!!

So glad Jack got to go home quickly.

Football and Fried Rice said...

Wow - not knowing your story - it amazes me that God KNEW before Jack was ever born that this day would come. How amazing that you are a PT and are just the Mama your boy needs! Good for you for going undercover - I hope the PT passed the "test" :)

groovy mama said...

Again he is so CUTE, extra prayers for him today from me. I hope all goes smooth!

Shannon said...

Hooray for Jack!!!!!!!!!!! So thrilled that you guys are home! You crack me up going undercover :)
Big Hugs,

Suzy said...

It IS tough to not give yourself away when you're trying to "play dumb". Glad your little man got to come home.

Chris said...

It must have been hard to stay undercover! Good job, though! :)

Love the picture of Jack in the elevator with all those balloons! My little girls would have loved being in that elevator with y'all! :)

Hunan Mommy said...

Looks like he might lift out of the wheelchair! Love the balloons! Looks like you have a very sweet boy.

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