Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Snapshot- That Thought We Should Always Ignore

Ni Hao Y'all

There is one thought that every mother or photographer should ignore.  It is, "Oh I will just leave my camera here.  Surely I won't need it".    Been there, done that? Wish you hadn't?

The first night at our hotel in Cancun, we were walking around and came upon a lifeguard sorting through buckets of baby sea turtles, and he let my kids each hold one.  Of course I had left my camera in the room! UGH!  Every day after that I would ask if they had found anymore and he would say no.  I was so sad that I had missed capturing that moment.

The last night there, we walked back down to the beach (camera in hand this time) and I saw the same guy cleaning up from the day.  I asked if he had found any turtles and he said, "Yes we just found 3.  Would your kids like to release them into the ocean?"  I was probably more excited then they were.

Here are the pictures from that.  
It was  a super cool way to end our trip.


Lisa said...

I do that all the time!!!! Hate it when that happens :) Great shot! so glad you got to take pictures of such a great moment.

Suzy said...

I'm so glad you were persistent in looking for the opportunity for a do-over. They are darling, aren't they?

Daisy Dreams said...

How fun that they got to experience releasing the baby turtles back into the ocean (and that you had your camera with you the second time!)

Dardi said...

I have been thankful for the dumb camera on my phone on more than one occasion. Very cool that your kiddos got to experience that! (I bet it was pretty cool for the grown-ups, too!!)

Chris said...

How cool is that? To be able to release turtles into the sea!!

Glad you had your camera!! :)