Friday, October 8, 2010

Remember My Last Update on Jack When I Wrote...

..."The last piece of hope I have is that God has related to us regularly over the last few years as a restorative God. I am not sure of a better word. I guess you could also say "after the last minute" God?"

Well it looks like He might be doing it again.  Let me catch you up on our week.  Jack had a Neurosurgery appointment on Tuesday that honestly I thought was going to be the last step in the process that put the idea of surgery behind us.  I really wasn't expecting anything at all.  You can imagine then how surprised I was when he walked in and said, "I was just talking to your neurologist and I believe that we have a 50% chance of solving Jack's problems with surgery."

He said that Jack's symptoms don't look just like a tethered cord because he isn't having bladder problems, but that his cord is definitely low and that would cause the symptoms he is having.   He said the motion study we did was inconclusive.   So we have decided to go for it.  How could we not, right?   I want Jack to know that we did everything we could and I am praying that this is our answer.

When we were in Cancun, we came across an excursion that allowed you to feed sharks from a tank in the water.  Jack LOVES sharks.  He can tell you which ones are in which oceans, how big they are, where they swim, and what they eat.  You should have seen his face light up when he heard about this.  There was no way I could say no.  Here are a few pictures from that excursion.

 Petting a shark at the Aquarium

 Looking at the tank he would be diving into

 I am pretty sure that shark is looking at me

The biggest one we saw

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Wendy in OH said...

wow, Ginny; just wow. Praying for God's almighty grace.