Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blessing of Sunday School Teacher

There are a lot of great things about being a part of the church such as a having a community of people who think like you to share life with, the opportunity to sit under good teaching (Lord willing), and the blessing of other adults called Sunday school teachers who give of their time to pour into the life of your child.

We have experienced that first hand lately.  Jack's Sunday School Teacher, Mrs. Rhonda, was great following his surgery.  She prayed for him, checked on him, and sent a card.  Jack loves Mrs. Rhonda and often quotes the things she teaches him when he is at home.

Sam's Sunday School Teacher also went the extra mile this week.  Sam had a karate belt test yesterday that he has been talking about for 3 weeks and apparently it came up in Sunday School also.  Well guess who showed up for Sam's belt test last night?  Yep- his SS teacher.  How cool is that?

So here are some pics of Sam in his new orange belt courtesy of Mrs. Pennison, Sam's Sunday School Teacher.


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