Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Testament Tuesday- Peace

2 Thess 3:16 Now may(Z) the Lord of peace himself(AA) give you peace at all times in every way.(AB) The Lord be with you all.

I know it is a little strange for the verse I choose to be a closing, but it has the word "peace" in it and that is something I so long for that I can't help but stop and take notice. 

There are 2 mistakes I make when it comes to peace in my life:
#1 - I will seek peace in my circumstances and um that doesn't work.  If you haven't made that mistake you can save yourself the heartache and skip it.  
#2-  I get too busy and I lack peace because I feel like I am running in circles. 

When we look at this verse, we clearly see that it says "may the LORD of peace himself give you peace".  I don't know about you but I have never seen a verse that says "may the peace of your circumstances surround you".  Clearly Christ is the source of our peace which throws out my first mistake as being acceptable.  We are never going to find peace in our circumstances so our only choice is to seek Him for it.  

For #2 I think it is a little more involved.  You see, when I get overcommitted (like right now), the first thing to go is my time of real reflection and sitting with the Lord.   Real reflection is a time consumer and unfortunately it goes out the window. So I believe the answer to #2 is that we have to SLOW DOWN, spend time with the Lord and then no matter our circumstances, His peace will come.  Preaching to myself here.  Trust me.

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