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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

China Day 2

A few thoughts from today (and more serious thoughts below):

1. There are apparently 2 poses for the older Chinese orphan - the peace sign and the thinking man.
2. Trust is earned over hours and days and destroyed in minutes.  Thank heavens it can be re-earned.
3. A table of 10 eating from the same plates = no bueno or however you say that in Chinese.
4. A gift of faith for turnaround is more successful than a gift of administration for escape.
5. McDonald's McFlurrys will help any child eat their McDonald's McHamburger in China just like it helps in the States.  Bribery, anyone?
6. Even if you treat for lice, it can still spread.
7. Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility.  Did I mention flexibility?
8. Tires on buses in China must be made of steel in order to hold that many people.
9. I have seen it with my own eyes - Jamie can spend a lot of money in a short time even when she doesn't speak the language (she is making me clarify:  not on herself).
10. Those European speedos that gross you out on your beach vacation are gross on men in China too.
11. Just the act of looking at lice will make your entire head itch.
12. If you want a picture of the strange food on the side of the road, you have to have the stomach to smell it long enough to take the picture.  Google it because I don't have one for you.

Now, speaking of pictures...

On the way!

Cool hat!

Bracelet making...


McDonald's! (who would've thought you'd put an exclamation point after that?)

More crafts.

Aforementioned poses:  thinkers (even at Mickey D's) and peace-signers.

And now for a moment or two of serious reflection.

My older girl is going to be the miracle of this week.  She went from trying to run away yesterday to loving camp today.  A few key things happened that I think made her feel more secure.  While we were walking, her beaded necklace fell off and beads went everywhere.  Immediately several children ran over and started picking up the beads for her and then one of Jamie's boys took off his necklace and put it around her neck.  I really do think it was an ordained moment to let her know that she is loved here.  Then we went shopping and I was able to buy her some clothes and shoes.  She was so happy and came over to tell me thank you and held my hand.  I think that was the moment that she figured out that I wasn't so bad either.  She has really warmed up and it has been great to see. 

My younger one is just precious.  She is a girly girl.  When we were beading necklaces she didn't want the plastic beads I handed her but would reach for the glittery ones.  This afternoon she wanted to change clothes "just because" and she was very particular about what she picked out when we went shopping.  She is having a lot of fun too.  

Jaime's boys went shopping today too and she took them to a department type store instead of street shopping like I did.  The boys loved trying on nice clothes and getting to buy things for school.  They wouldn't let Jamie help them carry their bags or let anyone else touch their bags because they were so proud of their new things.  

We are doing well though very tired. 



Anonymous said...

How exciting that you've made a connection with the older girl! What a blessing to be able to buy them clothes! We are praying for you and for Jamie -- and that the little critters will stay away! On a side note, everyone in S. Korea did the peace sign for pics.... not sure why, and I agree, the group dishes for lots of people = no bueno! I thought the same thing...LOL --Jenny

Hunan Mommy said...

I can't imagine everything you are experiencing....thank you for sharing!

Holly S. said...

I love the updates! I'm praying.

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